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Arctic Monkeys: Arctic Monkeys Check in ...

Arctic Monkeys: Arctic Monkeys Check in from the Studio

Anticipation for the third Arctic Monkeys album has been building since last summer when it was announced that the British band was recording a bunch of songs with Josh Homme in the desert. The band is wrapping up the album, and drummer Matt Helders has started something of a video blog to keep fans up to date at the goings on in the studio. In the clip above, Helders reveals that the band is going to NYC soon to record a few more songs, and discusses his hatred of Crocs.

There's no new material played here, but the band does do a semi-faithful cover of Lady Gaga's " Poker Face ." The new Arctic Monkeys album is due out sometime .... 2:16 a.m. Friday 27th March 2009 EST
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