Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Iffy About 'Terminator' Role; 'Expendables' Cameo Not So Much

So Arnold Schwarzenegger could return to the big screen this year in McG 's " Terminator Salvation " starring Christian Bale and Sylvester Stallone 's " The Expendables " action-hero epic he wrote and is directing, yes? Mmmm, yes and no. He's the governor of California and mostly retired. He's ok with doing a cameo here and there, but he realizes as a politician who wants to be taken seriously, he can't do both.

So he's not entirely too keen to appear in 'Salvation' because he doesn't want his name exploited as being a Terminator, which would be, what he thinks, is false advertising ( w hatever). "I said to the director when they began that I wish them the .... 11:28 p.m. Wednesday 11th March 2009 EST
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