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Art Brut on Diesel:U:Music radio

Did you know that Art Brut were on Diesel:U:Music radio last week? Yes, indeed they were. And they played A LOT of lovely, twee indiepop. But these German-English hybrids also admit to having a dark side-they just love smashing up CDs with hammers.<br/><br/> Only after they've uploaded them onto their itunes, of course. Listen to the highlights of their D:U:M show right here..... Art Brut LIVE on Diesel:U:Music Radio 9.10.09 (Highlights) 9.10.09 by dieselumusicradio Interview with Art Brut 28/05/09 He formed a band, he formed a band… Art Brut are forever linked with that furiously catchy early single, with fair-weather listeners often neglecting to look beyond that and see a group for whom humour lingers with heart-on-sleeve passion.<br/><br/> While in .... 8:06 a.m. Wednesday 14th October 2009 EST
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