Art Conspiracy IV

The chilly weather couldn't stop Art Conspiracy 4 from taking place on Saturday evening; in fact, it only served to keep the Red Stripe colder, and the crowd friendlier as we all kept huddled together near the few scattered patio heaters. The Chameleon Chamber Group used their midi controllers and electric instruments alongside traditional strings to bring a new twist to popular classical pieces. Surreal and futuristic, the synth-heavy quartet evoked an aural nostalgia for A Clockwork Orange.

The only non-classical piece, The Beatles' Because didn't sound out of place at all among the rest of the set-- after all, it received the Chameleon Chamber's usual cheesy-yet-always-terrific-treatment. Aton's performance can best be described with this video . The Mount Righteous ....

2:22 a.m. Tuesday 9th December 2008 EST
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