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Artist Interview: Shok

Shok is an incredibly talented composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist based in Hollywood, California. Through his remix work (see the SoundCloud player at the bottom of the article) , collaborations (including Daniel Ash and David J. ( Bauhaus / Love And Rockets ), Douglas McCarthy ( Nitzer Ebb ), Mark Caro ( Technical Itch ), Johnette Napolitano ( Concrete Blonde ), original composi tions , and drumming for Mount Sims , Thrill Kill Kult and Zombie Girl ), and seemingly never-ending side projects ( Sisters of Mixing - take a listen to "New Cretia" !), Shok has displayed a versatility in his sound and approach with a dark-electro flair.<br/><br/> Shok took time to answer some of my questions recently- check out the interview and .... 6:45 a.m. Tuesday 2nd June 2009 EST
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