ARTIST: Tinted Windows

ARTIST: Tinted Windows

Ok, so you might have heard of the supposed-supergroup Tinted Windows , made up of Taylor Hanson (of MMMBop fame ), guitarist James Iha (from The Smashing Pumpkins), bassist Adam Schlesinger (from Fountains of Wayne), and drummer Bun E. Carlos (from Cheap Trick). I'll be honest, after laughing at the absurd-sounding collaboration, I didn't even bother listening to them - I mean, there's really no chance I'd like anything they're making.

C'mon. Well, I just happened to stumble on these videos of them performing on some show I've never heard of (with a ridiculously awkward host), and I must have been bored or something, because I watched them. And you know what? I don't hate them.

Ok, so what do .... midnight Wednesday 6th May 2009 EST
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