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Asher Roth: "As I Em" (MP3) ...

One of Asher Roth's main stylistic tics and talking points is that he isn't like Eminem. I can appreciate that, since it probably gets tired being compared to Eminem. But Roth sounds a lot like Em, and he uses Eminem's flair for profanity and humor.<br/><br/> If you don't want people to compare you to Eminem, recording a song called "As I Em" that angrily addresses your frustration over being compared to Eminem isn't probably the best way to shake off the comparison, however. "As I Em" is a rock and reggae-influenced track featuring Chester French, and unfortunately for Roth, this will only ensure that he gets compared to Eminem in every review of his upcoming debut, Asleep in the Bread .... 3:38 a.m. Tuesday 14th April 2009 EST
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