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Asher Roth: "Be By Myself"

"Be By Myself" highlights the problem with Asher Roth; he can drop pop cultural non-sequiters about wrestlers and videogames, but none of them make any sense in the larger framework of the song. They're pleasant distractions, sure, but do they add to the song? In the case of "Be By Myself," no way, since the song is ostensibly about Roth breaking up with a girl to go solo. He's like the Family Guy of hip-hop.<br/><br/> "Be By Myself," which features a check-cashing Cee-Lo on the hook, just a video heavy on suggestive paint explosions, which seem to exist solely because the video had to be shot in about an hour and all they had was some paint and two women .... 1:19 a.m. Saturday 2nd May 2009 EST
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