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Asher Roth, Jim Jones, Kid Cudi, ...

While all the cool kids went to SXSW or Twittered about wishing they were there last week, dudes wearing swim trunks with pockets full of roofies and women dressed in bikinis went to/watched the hell on earth that has been facetiously titled "MTV Spring Break." I haven't watched the MTV coverage since I was about 12, but there's a bunch of video performances all over mtvU, which I've collected here for your entertainment and work avoidance purposes. Lil Wayne, whose "Prom Queen" is above" was obviously the biggest draw, and he obliged by playing some relatively coherent guitar on easily the worst song of his career. Seriously, "Prom Queen" is representative of how Wayne needs someone telling him "no" every ....<br/><br/> 2:53 a.m. Tuesday 24th March 2009 EST
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