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Assorted thoughts in the lead up ...

Decided to count Taylor (#4) and Kutiman (#6) on my year-end list after all, unfortunately knocking out UGK and more-fortunately knocking out Ida, who feels like an "11" to me. (I miiiiight still knock off one of the two I added for UGK anyway.) Finally listened to "Black Diamond" -- quite enjoyed it, but it will need more time to soak in and probably won't crack the top ten. Gucci's last "official" album was better than his most recent one, but I still think I'd prefer a fairly inchoate mixtape of random tracks to any album OR mixtape he's put out.

Will give a listen to Robin Thicke's new one (is it technically a '10 release? Wow, that felt weird ....
11:56 a.m. Friday 11th December 2009 EST
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