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Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely ...

Continuing our exploration into clean electro dance sounds, we've got Aeroplane's new remix for Au Revoir Simone. Much like Classixx , these guys don't seem to care about making anything conventional, nor anything that would HAVE to work on the dancefloor. This remix is full of live instrumentation, full of funk, and has a ton of human element in it.

I LOVE this development in electronic music. Live instrumentation, a willingness to not assume that since you're making electronic music that it should be 'as big as possible'. Basically, these guys and others are taking all of the tremendous advantages that go along with digital production/synthesizers, sampled drums, compression techniques etc that go along with dance music, and applying it ....

From 'Binary'
6:04 a.m. Saturday 19th September 2009 EST
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