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August 07 Mix

August 07 Mix

1) Madlib - Freeze I had a little free space, so I decided to toss on this weird little Madlib instrumental. It kind of works as an intro to the next song. 2) M.I.A.

- Big Branch I like the nursery-rhyme rapping over big drums. Of course few nursery rhymes include lines like "I sh*t on the ho" and "hit her with the muthaf***ing branch !" This is a bonus track from the Japanese release...I'll probably have some album tracks on next month's mix. It's gotten good reviews, but I haven't listened to it yet.

3) Justice - D.A.N.C.E. These guys have been getting a ton of internet hype, and I'm normally skeptical of hyped up electronic groups...especially French ones. ....

7:01 a.m. Friday 18th January 2008 EST
Hydrant Sippin' 25 posts in collection
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