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August Feel Bad For You Comp

The mother of all comps. From our friends at . The Zipped download is good for one week only.

Enjoy! The photo is from a family vacation near LaFollette, Tennessee. Kona the Chocolate Lab leads the chase, but Mikey the Boston Terrier in his personal flotation device will eventually get the tennis ball. I hope I am reincarnated as a dog and I get to spend my next life chasing tennis balls all day.

1. Ben Lee - Away With The Pixies.mp3 From : Grandpaw Would (1995, out of print) 2. Bryn Loosley - "The Wrecker" The Wrecker (2008) 3.

Todd Snider - "Travelin' Light" A Case For Case: A Tribute to the Songs of Peter Case (2006) 4. ....
7 a.m. Friday 28th August 2009 EST
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