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The Yuksek debut album is similar to The Chemical Brother's: We Own The Night (both in sound and execution). Both albums pull help from producers and artists in their field and they both have a couple songs that stand out from the rest. Yuksek - So Down featuring Chromeo Away From the Sea is versatile in its delivery of club bangers (Tonight, I Like to Play), indie rockers (So Far Away From The Sea, Tonight Reprise) and retro disco stylings (So Down, I Could Never Be A Dancer).<br/><br/> The Album makes an excellent soundtrack for meaningful porch summer parties or late night club hopping adventures. Yuksek - So Far Away From The Sea featuring. The Bewitched B+ YUKSEK MYSPACE.<br/><br/> 8:26 a.m. Wednesday 4th February 2009 EST
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