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'Away We Go' Soundtrack Due June ...

We've already noted that London-born, Scottish-bred indie folkie Alexi Murdoch is doing the music to Sam Mendes ' indie dramedy, " Away We Go ." His song, "All My Days," from his 2006 debut album, Time Without Consequence (the song was also featured on an episode of " The O.C. " ) soundtracks the trailer for the film, but it's unclear if his "music by" credit means an original score, because all the music on the "Away We Go," soundtrack is pre-existing material from the aforementioned album and his debut EP . Still, the soundtrack, which is due June 2, might act as a good intro to those that aren't familiar with his work (and we'll admit, we're no experts).<br/><br/> .... 7:50 a.m. Tuesday 5th May 2009 EST
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