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Axl Rose (Or Someone Who Hijacked ...

Hey, Axl Rose sat down for an interview last night! Well, it wasn't an interview as much as it was lots of posts on two Guns N' Roses-related message boards— and Here Today, Gone To Hell —and who knows whether the poster was really Axl, or whether it was someone who just figured out that his password was d0lphin1 and who decided to have some fun, but either way, I'm sure Rolling Stone is fuming over not getting the exclusive. After the jump, a few highlights from Axl's late-night posting spree, which, we learn, was transmitted via PC, although he sometimes uses a Mac as well. Axl's foray into started with a flame war: fan: Imagine you post ....<br/><br/> 2:30 a.m. Saturday 13th December 2008 EST
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