Azeda Booth - “Big Fists” There’s ...

Azeda Booth - “Big Fists” There’s a delicacy...

Azeda Booth - “ Big Fists ” There’s a delicacy to the music of Calgary 5-piece 3-piece Azeda Booth that I find incredibly appealing. The music is a mixture of beautiful electronica and simple guitars, all under a ghostly, breathy, falsetto. If you’re a Broken Social Scene fan, the song “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl” is the only song I can think of that approximates Azeda Booth’s sound.

I may not have heard about Azeda Booth until 2009, but I’m already considering changing my Best Of 2008 lists to include them, and “Big Fists”, the beautiful and haunting track from AB’s 2008 full-length debut In Flesh Tones , is a major reason for that.. 8:13 a.m. Wednesday 25th February 2009 EST
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