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Azoffs Power

As "Hits" continues to chronicle the downfall of the Warner Music Group, one must ask if major labels are even the story anymore. So Warners numbers tanked. Its not like this is a surprise.<br/><br/> After all, CD sales have been going down, down, down for years, unrelentingly. Hell, Warners market share improved recently, and the numbers still went down. That begs the question, is a lot of a little even relevant? We can dissect EMI and Sony BMG all day long, chronicling their problems.<br/><br/> EMI has essentially turned into Chrysler, another private equity boondoggle by someone ignorant in the sphere who has now downsized the company beyond recognition. Sony BMG has got a street guy, Charlie Walk at Epic, who .... midnight Thursday 8th May 2008 EST
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