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B-Level Country

Once upon a time, I lived for music. I was addicted to the radio, everything sounded good. I couldnt get enough, I wanted to know more.<br/><br/> THOSE DAYS ARE BACK! Its like someones been hiding this modern country from me. Or maybe I couldnt get past the image. The right wing influences.<br/><br/> The phony cowboy look. But these songs Theyre closer to seventies rock than anything Ive heard since. And thats just fine in my book.<br/><br/> And being a newbie, Im sans attitude. I dont know youre supposed to hate this one, or this ones a prick, or someone else does it better. Its just about what SOUNDS GOOD TO ME! Still, I know classics.<br/><br/> And the following tracks are .... midnight Saturday 16th June 2007 EST
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