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All photos courtesy of Glenn Karlsen Sorry for the exuberant lack of posts this month. Between the election, a sorely needed vacation, car trouble and our building's internet and satellite being in the middle of an overhaul... blogging has been left on the back burner.

But hopefully this will continue a solid streak of good tunes and event info (started with my last post about Calamity Jane's Black and Pink Ball). It was a looong time ago when this landed in the inbox, and Chewy Chocolate Cookies caught me at the completely wrong time. While this isn't my favorite remix from CCC, I'm just gitty that they actually included me in their list.

Mp3: Bonde Do Role - Geremia (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) | download TANZ/TANZ is the first Swedish electronic duo that I've come across who stealth away from the iconic Swedtastic Indie-pop-mnml sound and into something much more fidget house (me likey) ARE FROM EFFIN SWITZERLAND! And I cant wait to hear more from these guys. Mp3: Cheeky Cheeky & The Nosebleeds - You Let Me Go ( TANZ/TANZ Remix) | download So MGMT's "Electric Feel" is close to my favorite track released this year... and when combined with one of my favorite remixers, Dskotek, who's style of up tempo electro house makes this easily the best thing to romp with on the hardwood.

. Mp3: MGMT - Electric Feel (Dskotek Remix) | download Mr Mike Weez from Chicago comes back with a more than legit old school remix from Outkast's "B.O.B.". He still has no myspace, but if you knock on his door long enough, maybe he'll wake up and at least get a Virb account.

Mp3: Outkast - Bombs Over Baghdad (Mikey D came to bang mix) | download Thrills has been up on my short list for remixers to watch out for. His catalogue is ginormous as it stands, and this new Claire Hux remix makes the agnostic in all of us start second guess the power of an Halleileuja. [note: head over to beatport to check his new remix of Alex Zelenka's "Bide to Abide"] XD Mp3: Claire Hux - Holy Ghost in the Club | download Mp3: Claire Hux - Holy Ghost in the Club (Thrills Remix) | download Got this track last week from OK City duo Trash Yourself .

If you like dirty electrotrash sounds, then give this a listen. Especially if you're in the LA area this Thursday 11/20... you'll be able to see Trash Yourself along side /bitchen favorites Dskotek, Teen Wolf, and Big Nasty at The House Lounge.

Mp3: Trash Yourself - Forget It | download BONUS: Speaking of Big Nasty, here's his latest bangerang that Hot Biscuits helped reach the top of the hypem charts. Mp3: T-Pain + Lil Wayne - Can't Believe It (Big Nasty Remix) | download.
- 2:59 p.m. Thursday 20th November 2008 EST
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