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Bacon-Wrapped Memes

Bacon-Wrapped Memes

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat is a virulent, powerful new meme strain responsible for a recent outbreak of mild interweb shenanigans. While its origin has been linked back to this seemingly harmless 2007 video , Keyboard Cat is now mutating by wrapping itself around the DNA of more popular memes; deftly eluding the protective antibodies that render cat videos unfunny to most of the adult male population. At the moment it's primarily isolated within fail/fainting videos, but 80s sitcom clips and music videos are likely next.

Worst case scenario, we could be looking at a preview of the mysterious The Entertainment video from Infinite Jest . Here's one example (do not watch): Comedic art or global pandemic? The anonymous creator .... 12:05 a.m. Tuesday 5th May 2009 EST
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