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Bad Lieutenant (Ex-New Order) Reveal Debut ...

New Order are no more; Bad Lieutenant are now. The new group consists of New Order frontman Bernard Sumner, late-era New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham, and Brit newcomer Jake Evans on guitar and vocals. "So what of those reports stating NO drummer Stephen Morris and Blur bassist Alex James were in Bad Lieutenant, too?" you ask? Excellent question.<br/><br/> Turns out Morris and James did indeed play on songs on the forthcoming Bad Lieutenant album...but they're not official members of the group. Morris will play with the new band live, but James will not. Complicated stuff.<br/><br/> About that album: It's called Never Cry Another Tear and due out October 5 via Triple Echo. First single "Sink or Swim" hits September 21-- .... 2:06 a.m. Saturday 4th July 2009 EST
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