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Ballad For Space Lovers

32 years later it's relevant again... (No, I'm not that old... maybe Ray...<br/><br/> hahahahaha). I love how it says "Instrumental Hit" and 7 bonus tracks. It's a single with seven b-sides! This is one of those songs that just instantly feels familiar.<br/><br/> Maybe it is because living in Miami disco lingered here a bit longer in the 80's than it did in other places? So I caught it during my formative years and it just stuck? (too many question marks) What I find surprising is that with people's penchant for everything "retro", disco is having a harder time coming back than it should. It guess it's not "Kung Fu Fighting"-"Hustle" disco. Space - Magic Fly Go to Castles In Space ....<br/><br/> 2:12 a.m. Friday 13th February 2009 EST
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