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Band of the Week: Antiqcool

Band of the Week: Antiqcool

I recently received an email suggesting a track by UK-based band Antiqcool that I might like. Naturally, I gave it a listen. Extremely catchy, "Already Late" caught me off guard.

The track recalls Sting's vocals while the accompanying music and harmonics brings about comparisons to early Coldplay (see guitar centric songs like Coldplay's "Yellow" and at times slower track "The Scientist"). Other reviewers have even suggested Crosby, Stills & Nash. Either way, there is something seemingly classic and intriguing behind Antiqcool.

Solid, both musically and lyrically, Antiqcool's melodies and light guitar strumming begs the listener to hit the repeat button. "Already Late," is just one example of a song that gets stuck in your head long after the last note .... 2:56 p.m. Tuesday 30th December 2008 EST
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