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Band of the Week: Dark Dark ...

Their music is carefully crafted and performed brilliantly; it is touching, cinematic and enchanting, not to mention wonderfully experimental. Dark Dark Dark are a hybird of musicians from New York, New Orleans and Minneapolis, including the magnificent lead vocalist and piano and accordion artist Nona Marie Invie, supported by the vocals and multi-instrumentist Marshall LaCount (banjo, piano, clarinet), two choir singers, Jonathan Kaiser on cello, and multi-instrumentalist Water McClements (piano, trumpet and accordion), plus the talents of drummer Brett Bullion and bassist Todd Chandler. The new EP from the chamber folk sextet Dark Dark Dark is a wonderful follow-up to their widely heralded debut album, The Snow Magic, in 2008.

It's another winner and a tease for a sophomore album ....
12:03 a.m. Tuesday 9th March 2010 EST
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