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Bang Gang Love!! Dangerous Dan +++ ...

Tracklisting 1. THE RITZ 2. THE RITZ (Riton Live in Amsterdam Version) mediadire (L) DANGEROUS DAN "The Ritz" Unleashed 12.02.10 BangGang12s started off with it's first release from Dangerous in 2006 (remember that cover of Around The World) and it only took 29 records for him to do another.

either he is geniously lazy or geniously sporadic or geniously lucky, whatever it is here is BG30 from Dan, look forward to BG60 from Dangerous. And now a few words from the man himself about this record... Just in time for summer, here is your now mastered version of DANGEROUS DAN'S new Jam “THE RITZ”.

It's called “THE RITZ” cause it actually uses bits of an old song called “THE RITZ”, ....
10:02 a.m. Thursday 25th February 2010 EST
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