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'Basterds' Trivia: Harvey Keitel's Uncredited Voice ...

Two final- ish words on Quentin Tarantino 's " Inglourious Basterds " which did some impressive numbers this weekend and according to some, will completely salvage the Weinstein Company 's woes despite the fact that TWC is splitting the profits in half with Universal . As IFC's Matt Dentler said recently on Twitter , "At the end of the day, a Weinstein brothers comeback is good news for the specialty film business," which is totally true, and hopefully the case, but those popping the champagne corks seem to be on some premature happiness. We digress.<br/><br/> " Inglourious Basterds ." Did you notice Harvey Keitel 's uncredited cameo as the American O.S.S. operator who agrees to Col. Hans Landa 's ( ....<br/><br/> 4:38 a.m. Tuesday 25th August 2009 EST
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