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Been a long time, shouldn't of ...

Been a long time, shouldn't of left you

Sorry guys as always its been a long time between posts. Lately I've been busy say 40% of the time and drinking or playing FIFA09 the rest of it. No excuses, I let you down.

Straight into it Youtube: Odawas - Harmless Lovers Discourse Honestly the clip is so fitting for the song, just what the doctor ordered. Grizzly Bear , I held an unwarranted grudge against you and here I am eating my words and posting your music. Oh the twisted turns of time.

I have never really known what to make of Grizzly Bear . Sometimes I think I put off appreciating them because I am threatened by the blog GorillavsBear . Which is silly because GorillavsBear has ....

11:25 a.m. Tuesday 19th May 2009 EST
whiteboydancefloor 52 posts in collection
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