begone dull care by junior boys

begone dull care by junior boys

I'm going to go ahead and declare March the month of electronica. Looking back on our coverage to date it hasn't been as one-sided as I thought -- but every time I daydream, my mind instantly fills with bloops and bleeps. It's either been a really good month for beats, or my brain tumor is acting up again.

For those of you craving guitars and the human touch, I apologize, I'll see what I can do next month. In the meantime, we've got Junior Boys ' newest album Begone Dull Care (out April 7th). Another entry in the "Canada, like America only cooler" file, Junior Boys continue to do what they do best: marry traditional pop structures (I'm risking life ....

6:10 p.m. Sunday 22nd March 2009 EST
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