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I think of all the acts I saw last weekend, I was most impressed by BELL . While girl clearly wears her influences on her sleeve (hiya, Bjork Jr., complete with a cover to prove devotions), the energy of her live set and the total utter sweetness of her drummer was undeniable. Like Bjork, the music builds in strange and unpredictable spots, enhanced by the ambient keys, the dramatic drum entrances and the jerky dynamic vocals.<br/><br/> This is effective. The big parts are SUPER BIG and they make you feel excited. I also liked BELL because they were doing something totally different than any of the other bands I saw over the weekend.<br/><br/> The setup: keyboards/vocals+drum machines+live drummer=pretty unconventional. While .... 5:02 a.m. Wednesday 17th June 2009 EST
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