'Benjamin Button,' 'Frost/Nixon' And 'Doubt' Top ...

'Benjamin Button,' 'Frost/Nixon' And 'Doubt' Top Golden Globes With Five Nominations Each

The 2008 Golden Globes are out! Kristen Scott Thomas nominated for Best Actress , woo! Updates in a moment. Man, as we kinda figured ( and certainly hoped ), " The Dark Knight " was completely shut out outside of Heath Ledger scoring a Best Supporting Actor nod, and " Wall-E " relegated to Best Animated Picture, thank god life is making sense again. " The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ," " Frost/Nixon ," and " Doubt " all landed five nominations apiece, including Best Director for David Fincher and Ron Howard , but not for John Patrick Shanley .

Four nominations each went to, " Slumdog Millionaire ," " Revolutionary Road ," " Vicky Cristina Barcelona " and .... 12:21 a.m. Friday 12th December 2008 EST
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