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Best 50 Albums of 2008

Best 50 Albums of 2008

That didn't take long. Did it? 2008 just seemed to fly by. Sometimes life seems too busy to fit everything in.

Especially finding the time to listen to all the music produced in the world. But, it comes to this. A list, because we love making them, of my favourite albums of 2008.

I just looked back at 2007 and I think 2008 didn't quite measure up in terms of overall quality. But, there was still plenty of quality out there and certainly enough to find a list containing 50 albums that I really enjoyed. Of course, this list is shaped by what I purchased and what I love.

Somehow, I don't have have the time to listen to all .... 3:37 p.m. Saturday 20th December 2008 EST
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