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Best of 2007 (Re-post)

While most music bloggers finished their best of 2008 list by the Hype Machine mandated deadline of December 15, I still haven't figured mine out. So much good music, so little time! Plus I am still on the road traveling for the holidays and I don't have time to blog. Here is my best of 2007 list that I post on Last.FM and MySpace , before I founded My Aimz is True.<br/><br/> And, in retrospect, I still think this list is pretty accurate. Although I may bump Two Cow Garage up a few spots. Stay tuned for my best of 2008 list, which I will hopefully post before the start of 2009! My Favorite Albu ms of 2007 1.<br/><br/> Okkervil .... 1:44 a.m. Saturday 27th December 2008 EST
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