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Best of 2009: 81 Free Songs

So many skinheads. Young and old (mostly old), Fred Perry tracksuits or Two Tone suit. As the Hammersmith Apollo filled up with Special’s devotees either unaware or uncaring of the negative connotations that a shaved scalp now provoke.

It was bizarre, maybe threatening to some, but to these eyes endearing, and entirely fitting for a band that have always proudly ignored social convention and given the two fingers to this stuffy establishment of ours. Pama International are following that tradition – as well they might, featuring Special’s guitarist Lynval – and they pulled it off as warmup. Vocalist Finny’s got the chops, special mention must go out to Fuzz Townsend, the coolest drummer since, well, since John Bradbury for The ....

From 'Clash Music'
4:07 a.m. Saturday 5th December 2009 EST
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