Best Songs of 2006 Vol 2.

Best Songs of 2006 Vol 2.

Well, here's a minor throwback. Recently I've been re-organizing the music on my hard drive. I made sure that all of my artist folders contained the artist's name only- not their name and the name of the album, the year, the source, etc.

Then upon opening the folder, all of the albums would be organized with the year in parentheses first, and the album name second. Thus if I were looking the Beat Happening album "Dreamy," I would first open the Beat Happening folder, and then find "(1991) Dreamy". Very simple, yet very effective.

Also, for making yearly lists, something that I frequently do, it really is helpful to have your music files tagged by year. Anyways, while in the .... 9:23 a.m. Sunday 24th May 2009 EST
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