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'Best Worst Movie' Gets A New ...

'Best Worst Movie' Gets A New Trailer For Toronto's Hot Docs Fest

The estimable Hot Docs Festival in Toronto kicked off last night. The festival runs April 30-May 10. The Toronto Star got their hands on the new trailer for the documentary, " Best Worst Movie ," which some of us saw at SXSW , thought was pretty great and called it a " warm bear hug to the entertaining power of bad-but-fun cinema." It's basically about Michael Stephenson , a then-11-year-old who starred in one of the most bizarre and reviled films ever, the inimitable " Troll 2 ," and this documentary is an exploration of its subsequent cult status.

Here's the official synopsis and the new trailer is below. When 11-year-old Michael Stephenson and dentist George Hardy were cast in .... 9:52 a.m. Saturday 2nd May 2009 EST
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