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'Better Than Heavy' - Mongrel

Mongrel’s ‘Better than Heavy’ made history today as it was the first debut album to be given away free by a national newspaper . I picked up a copy and whilst I browsed news of Mandelson’s green custard attack and the like my ears were entertained by the sounds of Mongrel . At 11 tracks and 40 minutes long it’s not a daunting listen although opener ‘Barcode’ really throws the listener in at the deep end with it’s female raps (courtesy of Pariz1 and Tor Cesay), hectic instrumentation and conspiracy theory message.<br/><br/> ‘Lies’ continues with the album’s overtly political message as mainstay rapper Lowkey articulately outlines his political beliefs. Reverend and the Makers frontman Jon McClure provides his Northern vocals .... 8:03 a.m. Sunday 8th March 2009 EST
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