Beyond the 'Womp'

Is it just me, or is the American 'interpretation of dubstep' kinda wack? Now I'm all for hawt babes at raves (rocking out to the subsonic frequencies blasted forth from gargantuan 'woofahs'), but the 'womp womp' phenomenon needs to stop. Comparable to the 'uhn-tsss' vocalization of house music, 'womp womp' is a phrase uttered by peeps 'in the american dubstep scene' and to me it makes a mockery out of the genre which is all too often characterized by the wobble bass which the 'womp' is meant to imitate. Luckily for us, many dubstep producers of recent are moving beyond this 'womp womp' cliché, and pushing the boundaries of the genre further than ever thought imaginable.

Flufftronix is an American ....

from 'Tweaking Trays'

8:16 a.m. Monday 14th June 2010 EST
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