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BFFs Spike Jonze And Kanye West ...

Or BFFs Spike Jonze and Kanye West Will Make Short Films Together For The End Of Time Spike Jonze and Kanye West love each other. They have made 4,ooo music videos together (ok, two, three? we're losing count) and in September via iTunes they will release, " We Were Once A Fairytale ," the long-discussed short film that will debut on September 8 (god, that's a pretty gay title). Last time we wrote, " Plot-wise, the film chronicles a surreal, fictional outing by West at a club that includes the likes of sexual hallucinations, the vomiting and bleeding of rose pedals and a furry demon-like rodent that derives from Kanye's stomach and commits the act of hari kari .<br/><br/> And .... 6:27 a.m. Tuesday 11th August 2009 EST
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