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Biffy Clyro Album Plans

Hairy Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro have revealed the release date for their upcoming album 'Only Revolutions'. There must be something in the water at Stow College. The Glasgow institution had already given the world Belle & Sebastian when a trio of young men from Ayr enrolled, bringing with them some seismic riffs.<br/><br/> Soon after the newly named Biffy Clyro were snapped up by Beggars Banquet, where they released three albums and steadily gained a passionate cult following. Stolen away to a major label Biffy Clyro have now become household names. Last year's single 'Mountain' hit the Top Ten, the first time the Scottish trio have been able to breach the upper echelons of the charts.<br/><br/> Since then, Biffy Clyro have .... 8:48 p.m. Wednesday 16th September 2009 EST
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