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Big Bowl of Suck

Big Bowl of Suck

So another day, another bombshell. My filehosting account was deleted yesterday, though I guess they were nice enough to refund the remaining credit on the account. Will to blog slipping ....

slipping ... slipping away . Just kidding.

I guess that's the end of direct links here (nice while it lasted I hope) and it's back to Mediafire or something. Spare time has been drastically diminished by a new job, so expect the post count to slow down, but I'll still be here plugging away. In lieu of a real post today, I'll just rehash some recent covers-related news: Cover compilation Guilt by Association, Volume 2 is now out digitally.

Artists include My Brightest Diamond, Kaki King, Matt Pond PA, .... 4:09 p.m. Thursday 20th November 2008 EST
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