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Bill Hader Gets Serious? He And ...

Bill Hader Gets Serious? He And Greg Mottola Are Working On 'Dog Of The South' Adaptation

Last year, director Greg Mottola ( " Superbad ") announced in a podcast that he and Bill Hader were working on a vigilante doorman comedy . In April of '08 Mottola said the two of them were working on a script about an observant building doorman who figures out one of the tenants is a victim of a scam and he takes it upon himself to right the wrong. "No one believes him and no one cares," Mottola explained .

"So it's basically a parody of vigilante movies... or films like ' Get Carter ' or ' Point Blank ' with a little ' Bourne Identity ' jokes. He's a man against the system, a lone wolf trying to fight ....

1:31 a.m. Tuesday 27th January 2009 EST
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