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Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld Doing Porn, Still ...

Filed under: Interview , New Music Biohazard bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld has a whole other career as a porn star, but he hasn't abandoned what could be construed as his first love, and that's making music with his brothers from New York. Ah, Biohazard ... the name conjures memories of the lyrical declaration, "And when you're in Brooklyn, you best watch your back!" Speaking of back -- but not that kind of back -- Biohazard are just that.

"Biohazard have been around for 24 years, and Biohazard is Biohazard," Seinfeld told Noisecreep. "We've sold four million albums in our career and have played over 5,000 concerts! In the '90s, we played 300 shows a year, in over 100 countries, so we ....
From 'Noisecreep'
5 a.m. Friday 26th March 2010 EST
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