Birdy Nam Nam - Manual For ...

Birdy Nam Nam - Manual For Successful Rioting

Tracklist: 1. Red Dawn Rising 2. Trans Boulogne Express 3.

Love Your Enemy (Kill Your Friend) 4. Bonne Nouvelle 5. Manual For Successful Rioting 6.

War Paint 7. Worried 8. Space Cadet Apology 9.

Shut Up…! (ft. Newcleus) 10. Homosexuality 11.

The Parachute Ending (Produced by Justice) Genre: Electro Website: Myspace | Release Date: 2009-01-13 Label: Jive/Sony Sorry folks. I get here when I can, which should be more often these days. Birdy Nam Nam is here to bring some electrified jams to yall.

The final track, produced by Justice, exhibits many characteristics of the producers and you should have no trouble picking up on that. USA itunes store is not offering the album yet so those of you in .... 2:08 a.m. Tuesday 10th February 2009 EST
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