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Bishop Allen w/Hooded Fang & The ...

Bishop Allen w/Hooded Fang & The Electric Owls @ El Mocambo

Figure this one out: the last time that I saw New York's Bishop Allen , they were a very small band playing at the 550+ capacity Lee's Palace. Needless to say the crowd was decent, but nowhere near full. Since then, they've had the added exposure that comes from being in a semi-hit feature film, namely Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist , which guarantees that their under 25 female adulation will grow exponentially.

Still, this time around, they were booked at the smaller (and significantly less good) 400+ capacity El Mocambo. "Who are the ad wizard's who came up with that one!?!" Obviously, the show was not only packed, but it also sold out. However, that being the case, the ....

7 a.m. Tuesday 20th January 2009 EST
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