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Closing The Songbuk: The beloved musical and political satirists, APO Hiking Society shocked fans worldwide on 13 January with their announcement that they would be retiring after more than four decades. Exclusive insights from group founder Jim Paredes follow below. APO Hiking Society is shown above in a lighter moment on the cover of their 1996 Dating Alternatib CD.

Left to right: Danny Javier, Boboy Garrovillo and Jim Paredes (Click on image to enlarge). GOSPEL ROCKER CARMAN TO PERSEVERE DESPITE HEALTH CONCERNS After no small amount of prayer and medical attention, Gospel music pioneer Carman Licciardello has opted to assert his faith. Despite having been hospitalized on 21 January after experiencing a number of serious health symptoms and in spite ....

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2:47 p.m. Sunday 4th February 2007 EST
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