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Bjork's Book Of Blondie Love

Holy shit I'm back. Sober! Oh well. That might not last all week though (sorry mom)! I'm also not feeling very talkative tonight, so I'll be keeping things brief.<br/><br/> I'll be back to my ranting misanthropic self in a day or so. It's late. Book Of Love Boy (Peter Rauhoffer Club Mix) Boy (Headrillaz Extended Vocal Mix) Boy (Headrillaz Dub) Boy (Dubaholics Mix) Boy (Dubaholics Dub) Boy (Peter Rauhoffer Dub) Boy (RPO Remix) I have a feeling this song is big with "the gays." I have no basis for that other than the fact than the lyric "I wanna be where the boys are" and the fact that one of my gay friends LOVES Book Of Love.<br/><br/> Educated and mature .... 3:47 p.m. Wednesday 9th September 2009 EST
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