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Black Eyed Peas: "I Gotta Feeling"

Black Eyed Peas: "I Gotta Feeling"

Black Eyed Peas' latest single and video "I Gotta Feeling" is about how great it is to be a Black Eyed Pea. This is the subject of every Black Eyed Peas song ever made. But just when you think they've raced to the bottom with empty rap songs literally about nothing (and not in the charming Seinfeld way) with " Boom Boom Pow ," they give you an enormous middle finger and try to get you to buy a copy of "I Gotta Feeling," which is insulting in its stupidity.

You gotta feeling huh? Then you talk about how you spend a lot of money. Then you dance. The end.

Or rather, The E.N.D. Which probably stands for something, but .... 1:39 a.m. Thursday 4th June 2009 EST
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