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Blast from the Past: Polvo's Today's ...

Blast from the Past: Polvo's Today's Active Lifestyles

The wave of grunge that Nirvana opened up on American pop culture was a necessary evil. In 1991 radio was being destroyed by horrible pop sounds and hair/glam metal bands that could care less about the music. Style was more important then the substance it was built behind and kids had forgotten that rock music had a point.

Enter Kurt Cobain and the other harbingers of grunge, that took the underground independent/alternative music scene into the popular realm. Of course this led to countless copycats, bands that just aped what folks like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney had been doing and turned it into hit singles and spoon fed garbage. Such is the world of popular music (see: all these lo-fi ....

11 p.m. Wednesday 6th May 2009 EST
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