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Blink-182 Get Back Together For The ...

Blink-182 Get Back Together For The Cell-Phone-Wielding Kids

Last night, blink-182 took to the stage for the first time in four years when they played a mini-set at a party for T-Mobile in Los Angeles; they were the surprise addition to a bill that already featured TRVS/DJ-AM (featuring blink drummer Travis Barker) and Weezer (who's touring with the band this summer ). Perhaps because of the cell-phone-centric nature of the party, there are quite a few clips from the evening . Above, "Rock Show," accompanied by someone who is totally freaking psyched to be there; a clip of "Dammit" (complete with "AT & T can suck my dick" shout-out) after the jump.

MORE ». 11:45 p.m. Friday 15th May 2009 EST
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